Report Fraud

Violator Information

Please enter the name and address of the person committing the violation/s.


Please select Yes if the person is committing any of the violations below. If they are committing a different violation other than those listed below, please select Yes for the Other category and use the box to explain the violation.

Unreported Income

Is there any unreported (additional) income that?

Additional Occupants

Are there occupants living in the residence that are unauthorized?

The name and age of te individual living in the home that is unauthroized.

Criminal Activity

Is there druf or other criminal activities taking place at the residence or by the tenants? Please enter the activity along with when and where it is taking or took place.

Landlord Relationship

Is the landlord related to the tenants? If yes, please provide the name and relationship.

Residence Violations

Is the Landlord accepting additional rent or is the unit being subleased?

Other Violations

If there are other violations not covered above, please use this section to explain the violations. Please select Yes in the box and then explain the violation in the space provided.

OPTIONAL - Confidential Information

Giving your name and contact information is optional, however, we may need more details and may not be able to complete the investigation if we cannot reach you. The information shared will be kept confidential and HRHA will not discuss the outcome of any investigation.