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3 Bedrooms
1 Bath
1,300 sq ft
Newly renovated

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Contact Information

To Contact Us:

Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Community Development Department

811 W. Pembroke Ave.
Hampton, VA 23669
P: (757) 727-1518

Eligibility Guidelines

The sales of HRHA homes are governed by HUD guidelines designed to increase the rate of homeownership among low to moderate income homebuyers. These guidelines are summarized below.

‌‌‌ All homebuyers must own and occupy this property upon closing of the sale. (No Investors)

‌‌‌ Gross household income must not exceed HUD regulation income limits for Low to Moderate income families. (See Exhibit A below)

‌‌‌ Prospective homebuyer must have attended and completed a VHDA Homebuyer educational workshop within the last 12 months.

‌‌‌ Additional eligibility requirements may apply for alternate funding sources.

HUD Income Eligibility Guidelines

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is required by law to set income limits that determine the eligibility of applicants for HUD's assisted housing programs. These income limits govern the sale of the subject property. Listed below HUD estimates based on 80% of the area median income, with adjustments for household size. The printed limits are effective as of March 22, 2007. Applicants with a household income exceeding HUD’s limits are not eligible to purchase the subject property.

Number of People in Household
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
$39,550 $45,200 $50,850 $56,500 $61,050 $65,550 $70,100 $74,600

** Note: Income limits for households with more than eight persons are not in the above chart due to space limitations. Contact HRHA for exact amounts over 8 persons.

HRHA Participation / Selection Process

HRHA advertises all homes for sale through an open and public process using either local newspapers, MLS or this website. Once a home is advertised, HRHA will accept submission packages either directly or through its sales agent. HRHA will review submission packages and select the homebuyer based on affordability using the debt to income ratio. Packages must be complete to be considered.

Once the buyer has been determined, Authority staff will verify the submitted documents and upon verification of those documents negotiate an equitable sales contract. HRHA reserves the right to negotiate with more than one prospective homebuyer at the same time, or to enter into exclusive negotiation, in accordance with the Code of Virginia.

If no acceptable offers are received and a selection is not made, HRHA reserves the right to reopen or leave open this process until an acceptable invitation to purchase is received.

Required Submission Information

The following is a list of information you will need to compile:

1 Completed Submission Application
2 VHDA Homebuyer educational workshop certificate
3 Proof of all household income (copies only)
4 Pre-Approval letter from a licensed approved lender

Additional Information

HRHA homes are sold either directly by the Authority or through its partnership with Liz Moore and Associates. To contact Liz Moore and Associates, call Kaera Mims at (757) 739-2003.

Land for Sale

HRHA does not have any land for sale at this time. Keep checking back for updates.

‌‌‌ Design Guidelines for Hampton Neighborhoods (2.6 MB download)
‌‌‌ Sample Documents