Housing Counseling Services

We offer a number of programs to assist individuals who are interested in improving their finances, becoming a homeowner, or who need guidance with resolving a mortgage crisis. Please click on one of the programs listed to the right or scroll down to review all of our Housing Counseling services. For more information you may contact:

Sherri Payton
Housing Program and Housing Counselor
(757) 788-7162

Housing Counseling

6 Steps to Homeownership (For first time homeowners)

  • 1 Attend a FREE Homeownership Education Seminar (to learn about the home buying process)

  • 2 Find a Lender (and get pre-approved for a home loan)

  • 3 Find a Realtor (to assist with your home search)

  • 4 Find a Home (and make an offer to purchase)

  • 5 Attend the Loan Closing (with a closing agent or attorney)

  • 6 Enjoy Homeownership (Congratulations!)

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One-on-One Rental / Financial Counseling

A Counselor will help you:

  • Identify your needs, rights & responsibilities as a renter

  • Set your priorities by creating an action plan detailing short & long term goals & objectives

  • Develop a consistent spending plan

  • Identify credit challenges & understand how to clear them up; understand how to handle credit wisely

  • Understand basic financial literacy concepts
Sherri Payton
Housing Counselor
(757) 788-7162

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One-on-One Pre & Post-Purchase Counseling

A Counselor will help you:

  • Identify barriers standing between you & your goal of homeownership

  • Create an action plan that sets goals & objectives to help you reach your homeownership goal

  • Develop a spending & saving plan

  • Reduce & manage debt

  • Understand & handle credit wisely

  • Maintain good financial habits before & after your home purchase

  • Understand foreclosure prevention & alternatives to foreclosure

  • Understand how to manage potential financial hardship

Sherri Payton
Housing Counselor
(757) 788-7162

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Mortgage Delinquency/ Pre-foreclosure Resolution Counseling

A Counselor will:

  • Help you understand what options are available for all consumers

  • Contact your mortgage servicer/company to help you discover what options are available for you

  • Help you follow through with suggestions/options from your mortgage servicer/company

  • Guide you to potential resources or solutions that may help resolve your crisis

Sherri Payton
Housing Counselor
(757) 788-7162

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VHDA Homebuyer Education

This FREE 8-hour Homebuyer Educational course will cover the entire home buying process & discuss the following topics:

  • Personal Finance

  • Credit & Credit Reporting Issues

  • Working with a Lender

  • The Role of the Real Estate Agent

  • The Home Inspection

  • The Loan Closing
Please check the Upcoming Events calendar for the next VHDA Homebuyer Education class that will be held at 2 Foley Street, Hampton, Virginia. Because seating is limited, please contact Sherri Payton, Housing Program and Housing Counselor, at 757-788-7162 to register.

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Post-Purchase Education

HRHA offers Post-Purchase Education to new and current homeowners. These classes are designed to educate homeowners about issues they could face during various stages after their home purchase. We cover topics such as:

  • Ongoing Money Management

  • Maintaining your Home

  • Energy Conservation/ Home improvements

  • Equity & Additional Lines of Credit

  • Understanding & Preventing Predatory Lending

  • Foreclosure Prevention

  • Scams
Please contact Sherri Payton, Housing Program and Housing Counselor, at 757-788-7162 to register.

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Useful Resources

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If you need assistance due to language barriers, mobility impairments, visual or hearing impairments or other disabilities when accessing our services, please let us know so we can provide necessary accommodations.

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