Family Self Sufficiency Program

Family Self Sufficiency Program



Financial Growth


key  What is Family Self-Sufficiency?

FSS was established in 1990 by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is administered by Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority. The goal of the program is to assist low-to-moderate income families receiving Housing Choice Voucher assistance achieve economic independence and become self-sufficient through full time employment and coordinated use of resources.

key  Who may participate?

Recipients of Hampton’s Section 8 Voucher Choice Program may participate. Participation is voluntary, but families are carefully screened to determine suitability for the program. Families selected must be willing to sign a “Contract of Participation” that determines the goals of the family and services necessary to achieve these goals. Participation is determined by the family’s desire and willingness to become self-sufficient and take the required steps to make planned goals a reality.

key  How will my family benefit from the FSS Program?

After a detailed assessment, families set goals for themselves and their family. We will work closely with you and your family to identify any barriers that may be blocking your financial success. Our FSS Coordinator will be your coach and mentor to help keep you working towards the goals you have set. We offer workshops on topics such as credit, budgeting, personal development, career enhancements, entrepreneurship, home buying and home maintenance to help you prepare for your future success.

key  What are incentives for participating?

To encourage employment, an escrow (savings) account is set up for you by HRHA. When your family’s earnings increase, a percentage of the increase in rent is deposited in an escrow account for you. After successfully meeting your goals, you can access these funds to further your education, for purchasing a vehicle for transportation, or, for a down payment or closing costs on a home.

key  How long does the program Last?

If you are accepted into the program, you will sign a Contract of Participation for five years. FSS staff will meet with adult members of your family to develop an Individual Service Training Plan. This plan is specifically designed to meet your individual needs and identify your goals and objectives to be accomplished over the term of the contract.

key  How do I get Started?

If you dream of higher education, job training, self-sustaining income, starting your small business or owning your own home and you would like to participate in this program download HRHA’s FSS interest form and submit it our the Section 8 office to the attention of Ms. Michelle A. Barnes, Family Self-Sufficiency and Education Coordinator.

Download and Fill out the FSS Interest Form (Fillable pdf document)

Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority
For More Information, Contact:

Michelle Barnes
Family Self-Sufficiency/Education Coordinator
(757) 727-2691