Landlord & Inspection Information

Landlord Information

HRHA needs more landlords for our Housing Voucher Choice (Section 8) program. If you would like to learn what is involved, please read below. If you have additional questions you may call 757-727-1111.

If you currently receive payment by check: download, fill out, and mail this FORM with a voided check (checking account) or deposit slip (savings account) attached to enroll in HRHA's free direct deposit program.

For security reasons we cannot accept mailing address updates or direct deposit signups by email. To update your mailing address you MUST submit an updated W-9 form which is available HERE. To sign up for direct deposit you must complete this FORM.

Partner Portal

HRHA provides landlords with a secure, online access to their account through our Partner Portal. After signing up with the steps outlined in the user manual below, landlords can view information about their payments, tenants, and inspections at their convenience. Landlords can also update information, notify us of repairs, and reschedule inspections without the need to visit or call our office.

Partner Portal  Partner Portal User Manual  Partner Portal FAQ

Steps to Participate

1 Attend a landlord class to get information about the S8 program.
2 Screen the perspective tenant just as you would a non-assisted tenant, keeping in mind the Fair Housing laws.
3 Check the clients voucher for 2 things; the expiration date and the number of bedrooms the family qualifies for.
4 Fill out the RFTA (request for tenancy approval) packet carefully and completely. Return to the technician.
5 The housing technician will process the request determining if the rent is reasonable (fair market) and affordable for the client.
6 The inspection request is forwarded to the inspection department and you will be contacted to schedule an inspection.
7 Make sure all of the utilities are on and all appliances in place prior to inspection.
8 Do not allow the client to move into the unit prior to it passing inspection. HRHA cannot pay on a unit that has not passed inspection.
9 The inspector will note any deficiencies (and give them to you in writing), make the final determination on a reasonable rent, and return for a re-inspection if necessary.
10 When the unit passes inspection, contact the technician before allowing the tenant to move in.
11 Sign the lease, and collect the security deposit from your new tenant. Sign the contract with the Housing Authority.
12 Accept our thanks for your participation in HRHA's S8 program!

Landlord's Class

A class for new landlords is held once per month at the office located at 1 S. Armistead Ave. Class times are from 2:00 - 3:00 pm. Please contact our Rent Specialist at 757-727-2687 to register.

‌‌‌ Download the Landlord class material

HUD Website for Landlords

Please visit HUD's webpage for Landlords for more information.

List Your Property

GoSection8Landlords are now able to submit their listing of an available unit by using the free service offered by and This service allows tenants, landlords, and the housing authority to easily access information on available units. The service also allows landlords to upload pictures of the property.

VHDABy partnering with and, HRHA will be able to still offer the value added service of free print and online listings but with less overhead, allowing more time to devote to our clients and landlords.


We now offer Direct Deposit for our landlords. Please download, fill out, and mail the form with a voided check attached to enroll.

W-9: Taxpayer Identification Number. For landlords already on the program. Please download, fill out, and either fax or mail to us if you have a change of address or payee status. We also have instructions available for this form.

Use the Rent Increase Request form to request an annual contract rent increase.

Our forms are designed to be completed and electronically signed with Adobe Acrobat DC products. Please check with your customer representative for the best email address to use.

Mobile If you are using an iOS or Android device, the Apple and Android markets have the free Adobe Fill & Sign app. These apps support signing with your finger on the screen of the mobile device. While the apps support taking a photo of any form you will have the best experience if you download and open our forms in the app.

Get adobe reader PC or MAC Download or upgrade to a version of Acrobat DC. Versions prior to DC do not support emailing electronically completed and signed forms. The free Acrobat Reader DC requires you to register to gain access to the Fill & Sign features. Once you do this you should be able to complete and sign forms and then email a link to us with the completed form.

Landlord FAQ

Click each question to view the answer.

The unit does not have to be inspected prior to screening a tenant. The unit must be inspected and passing prior to the tenant taking possession or subsidy beginning.
The tenant is responsible for the entire security deposit.
Once the move in packet is completed and received by the Housing Authority, an inspector will call to schedule an inspection between one and 10 business days.
No. Rents may be above the payment standards but must be approved by the HRHA inspector. A tenant must not pay any additional monies out of pocket to the landlord without HRHA approval.
If a tenant violates a lease agreement, the landlord must treat that tenant as they would any non-subsidized tenant. The only difference in the eviction process is that the landlord must send copies of all legal notices to HRHA.
The tenant is responsible for all damages.

Inspection Information

HUD requires all units occupied by families in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS). HRHA HQS consist of a combination of the local property maintenance code and HUD HQS. HRHA conducts four (4) types of inspections:

  1. Initial Inspections – The Housing Authority will complete the initial inspection, determine whether the unit satisfies HQS, and notify the owner and the family of the determination within 15 days of submission of the Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA.
  2. Annual/ Biennial Inspections – HUD requires that units be inspected every 24 months. Units with a history of failing HQS or placed into abatement will be inspected annually.
  3. Special Inspections – A special inspection may be requested by the owner, tenant, HRHA and a third party. Special inspections are due to a problem identified between the annual /biennial inspection. Units must always meet HQS.
  4. Quality Control Inspections - HUD requires a sample of units be inspected by a qualified individual to evaluate the work of the HRHA inspectors. Quality Control inspections usually occur within 90 days of the previous inspection.

HRHA Self Inspection Checklist

The HRHA Housing Quality Standards (HQS) are composed of the stricter of the HUD HQS and The International Property Maintenance Code, as adopted by the City of Hampton. In most cases the property maintenance code prevails.

Download the general checklist of the most common reasons a unit may fail inspection. This listing is not a complete listing of the above codes. Please contact Jerry Hoffman, Chief Inspector at 757-727-2686 if you have questions.

Important Reminder Some repairs require building permits, such as structural repairs, renovation of existing space involving plumbing, electrical, or mechanical installations.

S8 Inspections Forms

‌‌‌ Lead Disclosure

‌‌‌ Lead Hazard Evaluation Notice - Sample

‌‌‌ Owner Certification

‌‌‌ Owner received LBP Documents

‌‌‌ Protection of Occupants Belongings

‌‌‌ Renovate Right Brochure