Report Fraud

Program Fraud

The PHA will review all referrals, specific allegations, complaints, and tips from any source including other agencies, companies, and individuals, to determine if they warrant investigation. In order for the PHA to investigate, the allegation must contain at least one independently-verifiable item of information, such as the name of an employer or the name of an unauthorized household member. The PHA will investigate inconsistent information related to the family that is identified through file reviews and the verification process.

The Housing Authority understands and appreciates that the vast majority of tenants and owners do not abuse the program. However, because there are limited funds for housing assistance, the Housing Authority must ensure that these funds are being used ONLY by those who are legitimately eligible. By combating fraud and abuse, the Housing Authority helps assure that our housing and subsidies are being used by the people who really need them.

What constitutes fraud?

Here are a few examples:

‌‌‌ Family has additional occupants living in the home without approval from the Housing Authority and owner.

‌‌‌ Family has undeclared income or assets.

‌‌‌ Family uses false documents, such as false birth certificates or marriage licenses.

‌‌‌ Family subleases all or part of the unit.

‌‌‌ Family owns or has interest in the unit.

‌‌‌ Unit is occupied by both the owner and family (exception for Shared Housing).

‌‌‌ Owner charges/collects additional payments from the family not agreed upon in the lease.

‌‌‌ Owner knowingly accepts Housing Authority payments for a vacant unit.

When the PHA determines that program abuse by an owner, family, or PHA staff member has occurred and the amount of overpaid subsidy meets or exceeds the threshold for prosecution under local or state law, the PHA will refer the matter to the appropriate entity for prosecution. When the amount of overpaid assistance meets or exceeds the federal threshold, the case will also be referred to the HUD Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Other criminal violations related to the HCV program will be referred to the appropriate local, state, or federal entity.

Reporting Fraud

If you need to report suspected fraud, you can do so anonymously using one of the three methods listed below:

1. Call the Fraud Hotline at (757) 728-5050.

2. Complete our Online Report Fraud Form

3. Download our Report Fraud Form, fill it out, then either FAX it to (866) 395-8212 or mail it to:

Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Housing Programs Investigator
PO Box 280
Hampton, VA 23669

All information given will remain confidential